Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were previously linked to each other after they starred in the hit movie, A Star Is Born.

Three years later, OK! magazine is claiming that the former co-stars just had a falling out.

In its April 23 issue, the tabloid alleged that Cooper and Gaga are not on good terms simply because the former didn’t cast the actress in his latest project.

Cooper is starring in Maestro alongside Carey Mulligan. The Netflix biopic will center on the life of legendary conductor Leonard Bernstein.

“Gaga feels that a lot of the success of A Star Is Born was due to her star power and fanbase and that Bradley should recognize that,” the source said.

The source added that Gaga was hoping to star in the movie especially after Cooper promised her that they would work again someday.

However, the Silver Linings Playbook actor eventually went with Mulligan because he felt that she’s a better fit for the role.

According to the source, it seems Cooper doesn’t also have any plans to honor his promise to Gaga since he’s already moved on from the success of A Star Is Born.

However, what makes the “Poker Face” singer even more upset is the fact that Cooper didn’t inform her about his plans directly. And the fact that her former co-star isn’t directly saying no doesn’t sit well with the award-winning singer.

However, it’s not hard to see that the tabloid’s claims are incorrect. After all, Gaga isn’t upset with Cooper for not tapping her for his upcoming movie.

The former co-stars are free to accept other projects outside A Star Is Born. In fact, Gaga will also be starring in a project that Cooper doesn’t have any involvement with.

Several tabloids have been concocting dubious claims about Gaga and Cooper for years. Following the success of their movie, they insisted that the actors are dating.

And when Cooper announced his split from Irina Shayk, the tabloids claimed that Gaga was the reason why they called it quits.

But during an interview with Elle in 2019, Gaga confirmed that she and Cooper never even fell in love. The singer added that their fans thought there was something going on between them because this is what they had to project in their movie.

In A Star Is Born, the A-listers played the role of lovers, whose relationship ended because Cooper’s character committed suicide.