Prince William and Kate Middleton allegedly have big plans for their upcoming 10th wedding anniversary.

In its April 23 issue, Star claimed that the royal couple will be heading to St. Andrews, Scotland without their three children. This way, they can have their much-needed alone time with each other.

To mark the important occasion, the future king allegedly has something special planned for his wife. Prince William chose to go to Scotland because this is where he met Middleton for the first time. 

The insider added that the upcoming trip is something that Prince William and Middleton have been looking forward to. After all, they have been burned out by all the homeschooling they have to with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

According to the source, Prince William has already informed Queen Elizabeth about his plans. After all, a short vacation with his wife might mean he cannot perform his royal duties for a few days.

Her Majesty allegedly understands, and she even offered her own Scottish retreat at Balmoral Castle for the couple. However, Prince William politely declined the offer because he already has everything planned.

The Duke of Cambridge allegedly rented out a $5,000 per night mansion complete with a swimming pool and tennis court for the anniversary. He also hired a Michelin-starred chef to cook their meals.

According to the insider, the dad of three thought of revisiting St. Andrews, Scotland to remind Middleton of how far they’ve come since their boyfriend and girlfriend days.

And Prince William also wants his wife to remember that they can tackle any obstacle that will come their way in the future.

But as exciting as these plans may seem, they are not factual. Prince William and Middleton usually share their plans after an occasion has already passed.

The tabloid also forgot to mention that it is still not safe for the royal couple to travel anywhere because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though some restrictions in the United Kingdom have already been lifted since April 12, now may still not be the right time for the couple to go to Scotland.

Last month, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were slammed by royal fans for still pushing through with their trip to Greece.

Several critics wondered why the couple is exempted from the government’s guidelines in the UK.

By the looks of it, the last thing that Prince William and Middleton want is to be criticized by the public because of their quick getaway.