Prince William has allegedly cut ties with Prince Harry’s newest confidante, Tom Bradby.

In its April 23 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Prince William was furious at Bradby for publicly siding with Prince Harry following the latter’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

A source for the tabloid also claimed that Prince William is fuming at Bradby after learning that he’s been in contact with the Duke of Sussex.

Additionally, the Duke of Cambridge hasn’t also gotten over the fact that Bradby featured Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in his documentary. Especially since this is where the Suits alum first revealed that being a royal has been a struggle for her.

Meanwhile, the same tabloid also dubbed Prince Harry has a hypocrite for accusing the royal family of being racist.

Years ago, the Duke of Sussex uttered racial slurs against a British Muslim soldier. When the public found out about what he did, Prince Harry immediately apologized.

Earlier this month, Piers Morgan also talked about the controversy involving Prince Harry. And he also accused Markle’s husband of being racist.

“The only member of the royal family who has had to publicly apologize for being racist is Prince Harry!” he said.

While he was still in the military, Prince Harry called out of his classmate expletives. Ahmed Raza Khan just shrugged off the remarks, and he and Prince Harry are still friends today.

However, since Prince Harry has a history of being racist, Morgan and his other criticisms couldn’t believe that he would accuse members of the royal family of the same thing. To make things worse, he was unable to namedrop the royals he’s accusing, so his critics are convinced that he and Markle are just making up stories.

During their interview with Winfrey, the couple said that the royal family was worried about what their son’s skin color would be like.

The interviewer tried to ask the couple which member of the royal family they are talking about, but they refused to answer the question.

As of late, Prince Harry and Markle are waiting for the arrival of their baby girl in the summer. It is unclear if the royal family is once again expressing concerns over the infant’s skin color or not.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Harry are expected to reunite tomorrow at Prince Philip’s funeral. However, the siblings won’t be walking beside each other on their way to St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Their cousin, Peter Phillips will be walking between the siblings.