Victoria Beckham and her entire family vacation in Turks and Caicos last Easter.

In its April 17 issue, Heat UK claimed that the Spice Girls member didn’t post a photo from her family’s trip because she didn’t want the public to know that she’s traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

However, the Beckhams were photographed on their trip. So, the public knew that they didn’t adhere to the guidelines in the United Kingdom.

“They know how high the frustrations are in the U.K. and how much criticism there is against the super-rich jetting off to more convenient locations. So, they didn’t want to antagonize people. They thought they could avoid being spotted at their very expensive resort so they’re a bit annoyed that they got papped,” the source said.

However, the insider also revealed that the Beckhams haven’t been staying in the United Kingdom throughout the past couple of months. They have been residing in Florida because of David Beckham’s work engagements.

And it is important to note that the restrictions in the United States are not that strict. In fact, millions of Americans traveled in and out of the country during Easter weekend.

Still, the insider insisted that the Beckhams know how blessed they are to be staying in Florida. But they are also allegedly aware of how bad their recent trip would seem for people in the United Kingdom.

The fashion designer is particularly worried about what the public would say about her because she has been getting negative publicity in recent months.

Last year, the same tabloid alleged that Victoria is being slammed by critics for trying to turn her only daughter, Harper into a YouTube sensation.

On her Instagram account, the former singer shared photos and videos of the young girl cooking meals for her family. The youngster is reportedly inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, Tilly, who is also good at cooking.

Harper has expressed her desire to become a reality TV star, and Victoria couldn’t be happier. After all, it means more money for the Beckham household.

However, there no proof that Victoria is grooming her daughter to become a YouTube sensation. In fact, she’s very protective of the young girl.

And just like her, David and his sons are also very protective of Harper.

During a previous interview with Yahoo! Style, David revealed that he’s so protective of Harper that he doesn’t even want anyone to cut his daughter’s hair.