Ellen DeGeneres’ Beverly Hills home is off the market. According to the Los Angeles Times, DeGeneres managed to sell the lavish property for $47 million.

Initially, she put the property on the market for $53.5 million. But she lowered the price by over $6 million until it got sold.

In 2019, DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi purchased the house from Adam Levine. Back then, the couple bought the mansion for $42.5 million, which means that they are only getting $4.5 million in revenue from selling their house.

The Ellen Show host has been flipping houses throughout the past couple of years. Most recently, she purchased a California compound in Montecito for $49 million.

DeGeneres and de Rossi bought the Montecito estate from Saturday Night Live cast member Dennis Miller. Insider reported that the funny woman paid for her purchase in cash.

In 2018, the comedian joked about her fondness for buying and selling homes. She told the Today Show that she grew up poor and her family used to live in an apartment.

So, now that she has the money to splurge on a property, she just buys as many houses as she can.

But DeGeneres’ wholesome hobby has also been a source for speculation among tabloids. They previously claimed that de Rossi isn’t a fan of what DeGeneres is doing. And because of this, the Scandal star wants to get a divorce.

Last week, Globe claimed that the couple had a falling out because de Rossi thought that Beverly Hills will be their forever home. But after she learned that DeGeneres is selling their property, she was allegedly enraged.

On top of this, de Rossi was recently rushed to the hospital. And she’s still recovering after getting an appendectomy so she can’t attend to DeGeneres’ needs.

A source claimed that the funny woman has been extremely needy as of late because she’s worried about the future of Ellen Show.

Last month, it was revealed that the ratings for the program dropped. And DeGeneres lost millions of viewers throughout the past six months.

With this, the insider claimed that DeGeneres is worried that Ellen Show might get axed after her contract ends or that she may be replaced by another host.

However, the tabloid’s claims are just based on speculations. It seems de Rossi is on board with DeGeneres’ decision to sell the property. After all, the actress moved with her wife in Montecito recently.