Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth are allegedly at odds with each other.

In its April 19 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the Hemsworth siblings may appear close in public. But the truth, they’ve had a falling out throughout the past 13 years.

A source told the tabloid that Chris’s role in Thor came between him and his younger brother. And now that he’s filming the latest installment in the franchise, Chris and Liam couldn’t be farther from each other.

Chris is currently in the United States to finish filming his movie, and Liam is in Australia. While in Hollywood, the Thor star regularly hangs out with his celebrity pals while his brother is left alone at home.

The source said that the siblings used to be inseparable throughout their lives. But recently, Liam hasn't been seen with Chris and his friends. After all, Cyrus's ex-husband has been struggling a lot recently because he doesn't have much work, and the divorce also affected him greatly.

Prior to his split from Cyrus, Liam lived a very public life. But insider claimed that he has turned into a recluse recently. And seeing his brother dominate Hollywood and the big screen allegedly makes him feel left out.

The insider alleged that Liam shared his thoughts and feelings with his brother, but Chris dismissed it. The latter also told Liam that his group of friends are much older so he doesn’t understand why he wants to hang out with them.

Upon hearing this, Liam felt even worse because it seemed as though Chris was trying to really remove him from his circle.

The source also claimed that Liam wanted to ask Chris if he could star in Thor because he needs a big break in the movie industry. But he knows his older brother won’t approve because he can easily overshadow him.

However, there is no indication that the Hemsworth siblings are really at odds with each other. If anything, Chris and Liam are very close.

Last year, the siblings celebrated the holidays together in Australia with Elsa Pataky and her children. Chris shared a photo from his trip with his loved ones via his social media account.

In one of his photos, Chris and Liam posed in front of the camera while sitting beside each other. Another snap shows them making faces at the camera.

Another photo shows the siblings enjoying a meal with Chris's wife and children.