Cher is allegedly trying to turn back the hands of time ahead of her 75th birthday.

In its April 19 issue, New Idea claimed that the singer is planning a surgery spree that will include lasers and liposuction to make her look young and wrinkle-free.

A source for the tabloid claimed that Cher takes good care of herself through diet and exercise. But she still can’t get rid of her wrinkles due to her age. As such, Cher has allegedly lined up a series of procedures and she doesn’t have an issue with how much they will cost.

“She’s lined up a bunch of laser work and liposuction on the looser areas of her body and fillers galore for her lips and cheeks. But Cher feels blessed with how she looks for her age,” the source said.

Other than her upcoming birthday, the tabloid also gave an update about the singer’s family life.

The source said that Cher spent a lot of time with her two children during the coronavirus lockdown. She’s also helping her son, Chaz Bono plan his upcoming wedding to Shara Blue Mathes.

Cher has always been open about the procedures that she has undergone. Last year, she told The Guardian that she has felt the pressure to look young in the entertainment industry.

The singer also admitted that she’s not a fan of aging. But she also understands that this is a process. At the end of the day, the most important thing for Cher is that she’s able to make other people.

In 2018, Cher also admitted to having a facelift 10 years earlier. She said that she wants to break the stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery especially since it makes her happy.

But Dr. Nick Milojevic said that Cher must have done other procedures that she hasn’t revealed just yet. For instance, it seems that she has had a neck lift and an eye operation.

The cosmetic surgeon added that Cher’s frowning lines aren’t that visible for her age so it’s highly likely that she’s had this treated as well.

“She would also have regular derma fillers as at her age the skin loses volume and needs to be plumped,” he said.

But regardless of what Cher has done or hasn’t done, there’s no proof that she’s planning to have a surgery spree ahead of her 75th birthday. It is possible that the tabloid is just making up stories about the singer.