Meghan Markle recently revealed that she and Prince Harry already tied the knot in their backyard before their church wedding in 2019.

While speaking with Oprah Winfrey, Markle said that the backyard wedding took place three days before she walked down the aisle at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

However, in its April 12 issue, a source told New Idea that the couple’s so-called wedding is nothing to be excited about. After all, it’s not deemed to be legal.

A source said that there was no need for Markle to exaggerate or even brag about her backyard wedding. After all, she and Prince Harry simply exchanged sweet nothings in secret. 

And if Markle can embellish the facts about her secret wedding, the source said that it's possible she could lie about other things too.

The insider added that a lot of Prince Harry’s friends have expressed their concerns over Markle’s too motives. And their worst nightmares about the Duchess of Sussex were proven to be correct.

After all, Markle seemingly stretched the truth about her backyard wedding. So, they are allegedly convinced that she also exaggerating the vows that she exchanged with Prince Harry.

During the interview, Prince Harry also weighed in on his secret wedding to Markle. He said that he wanted to have a simple ceremony with just him and his wife because the backyard wedding was intended for them.

Their church wedding, on the other hand, was intended for the royal family, their guests, and their fans.

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also made headlines today after they finally announced their first project on Netflix.

The couple’s Archewell Productions will be producing a docuseries on Netflix centered on the Invictus Games, the Paralympics-style competition for veterans and wounded service personnel.

Heart of Invictus will revolve around the athletes as they gear for next year's games in The Netherlands. 

According to People, Prince Harry will appear in the docuseries. He will be working closely with Orlando von Einsiedel, a British director and producer Joanna Natasegara. 

Markle and Prince Harry signed a contract with Netflix last year. Back then, they vowed to produce projects that are inspiring for their viewers.

Shortly after, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also signed a multi-year deal with Spotify. And they have already launched their podcast months ago.

Additionally, Prince Harry will serve as a mental health coach for the tech start-up company, BetterUp. He will reportedly receive a huge paycheck for his role, but the actual figures have not yet been disclosed.