Ellen DeGeneres is allegedly struggling to come with her ongoing marital problems, as well as the backlash from Ellen Show.

In its April 12 issue, Globe claimed that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been at loggerheads amid their ongoing issues.

A source for the tabloid claimed that the couple’s problems started years ago. And they’ve only gotten worse recently.

Scandal star de Rossi was allegedly furious at DeGeneres for selling their mansion for a whopping $53.5 million. After all, de Rossi thought that the property that they purchased from Adam Levine would be their forever home.

But for some reason, the comedian decided to put the property on the market. And it forced her and de Rossi to move once again.

On top of this, de Rossi’s recent hospitalization is also, allegedly, causing problems in their relationship. After all, DeGeneres is struggling to take care of her wife following the latter’s appendectomy.

The Ellen Show host is dealing with a lot of problems on her show. And she can’t allegedly help but bring these issues home.

Prior to de Rossi’s hospitalization, DeGeneres received support from her wife. But now that she needs to recover fully, the funny woman allegedly feels alone.

And in order to cope with her sorrows, the Finding Nemo star has allegedly been drowning herself in booze.

“Ellen realizes more than ever how much she desperately loves Portia and what she’s got to lose if they split. But she also knows it’ll be a lot of work to get the relationship back on track once Portia recovers,” the source said.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres is also dealing with the constantly low ratings of her talk show. According to Vanity Fair, the program lost approximately 1 million viewers amid the toxic work environment allegations from last year.

Over the last six months, Ellen Show averaged 1.5 million viewers, which was down 2.6 million in the same period last year. This means that there has been a 43 percent decline in viewership for the daytime series.

Following the allegations, DeGeneres apologized to her staff and fans. She also said that she’s committed to improving the work environment on the set of Ellen Show. However, the comedian’s apology hasn’t done her any favors based on her show’s ratings.

While it is true that DeGeneres could be facing problems with Ellen Show, it is not true that she’s struggling with her marriage to de Rossi.