Meghan Markle isn't regretting her interview with Oprah Winfrey and she feels this was the best decision she made, according to her friends.

Insiders among the Sussexes said that the duchess considers the interview as "cathartic and transformative" and that the royals should be relieved she didn't name names or give out other details. Apparently, there were more shocking things that happened behind closed doors.

According to Janina Gavankar, an actress who has been Meghan's friend for close to two decades, the duchess has emails and texts to prove her struggles within the royal family. While Buckingham Palace's official response to the interview was that "recollections may vary," Gavankar disagreed because Meghan's friends lived through Meghan and Harry's mistreatment. She said that the royal family and the staff members at the Palace were "well aware" of the extent of Meghan and Harry's struggles.

Harry and Meghan told Winfrey during their sit-down that they felt they were unprotected by the Palace, especially from the negative press. Meghan also believes that she was held to a different standard than her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Her disappointment with the Palace reached a point for Meghan to contemplate taking her life because life in seclusion in the big Palace has been lonely.

The Sussexes said that they didn't want to leave their royal duties but felt they had to step back from all the toxicity. Harry said that he was disappointed by his father, the Prince of Wales, after he cut off their funding in the first half of 2020. The royal pair said they were left with no choice but to cut deals with Netflix and Spotify so that they could thrive.

With a nervous laugh, Harry and Meghan said that they really had no concrete plans when they moved to the United States. They thought, at first, they could continue to serve the Crown if they stayed in a Commonwealth country like Canada.

Meanwhile, the insider further said that Meghan will not be exposing herself to news about the public's reactions towards this interview. Since the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant, she will focus on her well-being and move on from the bombshell she and Harry dropped on the royal family. The Sussex pair, however, remains open to communicating with the royals.

CBS will be re-airing the interview, which earned 17 million viewers, on Friday, March 12 following its huge ratings success. The special was said to have also given a big boost to the ratings of CBS This Morning. (Business Times)