Prince Charles is said to be deeply worried over his father's state of health after Prince Philip had a heart procedure and has been staying at the hospital for nearly 20 days.

Reports stated that the Prince of Wales' concern is more focused on Philip than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey. The pair's highly talked about a sit-down with the Queen of Talk could ruffle feathers at Buckingham Palace but sources said Charles has Philip's health as his biggest concern, apart from his work and engagements in the coming weeks.

Philip underwent a heart procedure at St. Bartholomew's Hospital last week. Buckingham Palace did not specify the procedure but did say that the Duke of Edinburgh has been suffering from an infection and he will still remain in the hospital for days to receive more treatments. He has been transferred back to King Edward VII Hospital before the weekend.

Speculations were that this infection brought added strain on his heart when one of his arteries was fitted with a stent a decade ago. Other doctors also said that the Queen's husband might have had a stent replacement, though this is usually a rare procedure.

Calls for Harry to return home from Los Angeles, where he has been staying with Meghan for nearly a year, have come to light amid his grandfather's hospitalization, according to royal commentator Katie Nicholl. The Sussex pair or the Palace has yet to confirm on these speculations.

Royal observers said that the timing of Harry and Meghan's interview broadcast came at the worse time. However, CBS will not reschedule the broadcast after Philip has recovered. The interview will also air on ITV a day after the CBS airing.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Richard Fitwilliams said that Charles could fear Harry will experience a toxic falloutwith the royal family after this interview's broadcast. Fitzwilliams also speculated that Charles might have done his best to mediate for Harry and sympathize with his wife's struggles in the royal limelight.

The commentator said that Harry and Meghan's full interview could provide a more balanced context than what has been shown in teasers, vilifying the royal family. However, the fallout could still be catastrophic and could impact Charles when he sits on the throne one day. Ultimately, Charles has to weigh things down as the future king as this interview will impact the future of the monarchy.

Meanwhile, Charles and the rest of the royals are waiting for Philip to come home and then prepare to celebrate the Duke of Edinburgh's centennial birthday in June. (Business Times)