Prince Andrew will not be back to his old life as a working royal and will never be carrying out his royal duties just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to a royal expert.

Marlene Koenig said via Daily Express that the Duke of York is now the pariah of the royal family and he will not be asked to represent Queen Elizabeth in future royal engagements ever again.

Andrew expressed he was stepping down from his royal duties until the "foreseeable future" because of his controversial ties to the disgraced billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. His resignation was the result of the backlash he received after he agreed to an explosive interview about his friendship with Epstein on BBC. In it, Andrew denied the accusations lodged against him by Virginia Guiffre, one of Epstein's victims.

Guiffre had been employed under Epstein's sex trafficking ring and said that she had sexual relations with Andrew as a minor. Andrew, however, still has to talk to the FBI to give clarity to Epstein's cases. But it has been more than two years since the FBI asked for his help in closing the cases against his friend. His refusal has made him less popular with the public.

This week, Queen Elizabeth announced that Harry and Meghan will be stripped of their royal patronages and Harry's military roles since they have expressed that they won't be returning to their royal duties anymore. Now, the public has been asking when will Andrew have the same fate and be stripped of his military honors as well.

Royal author Kate Williams asked if Andrew will follow in his nephew's move since he won't be able to perform his military roles. Williams said that these engagements usually happen three times a year but Andrew has not been making public appearances since his resignation. It's unclear, however, if he has been doing Zoom appearances during this pandemic crisis and has opted not to make the videos public to avoid another backlash.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Piers Morgan said that Andrew must also step down from his claim to the throne. The Duke of York is currently the eighth in line and will drop to ninth once Harry and Meghan's second child is born this spring.

Morgan said that he still has a problem with Andrew remaining in the succession line, especially after his refusal to talk to the FBI. The commentator also wants Harry to do the same since he has shunned his royal duties and has been living in California for nearly a year.

Buckingham Palace has never commented on Andrew's controversy since it's a matter to be resolved by his lawyers. Lisa Bloom, the lawyer of Epstein's victims, on the other hand, hopes that with the new Biden presidency, the case could move forward with Andrew's cooperation with the authorities. Some said that Andrew got a pass since he and Donald Trump were in the same circle as Epstein. (Business Times)