Prince Philip has been at the hospital since Feb. 16 as a precautionary measure after feeling unwell for days but royal experts believe he's eager to get out and would likely "climb up the wall" if he could to get away from being fussed over.

Royal correspondent Andrew Pierce said that he's quite sure the Queen's husband is feeling that he doesn't want to be at the hospital. Royal author Penny Junor also believes that Philip will likely be irritated by all the attention at the hospital and could give the staff a hard time because he doesn't want to be there. Before Philip came in for observation and rest, he specifically told the doctors that he does not want people to go to all the trouble to look after him.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Duke of Edinburgh, who will turn 100 years old in June, was advised to be in the hospital for a non-COVID health issue. Pierce also said that there was no suggestion Philip had been suffering from a major illness as he came inside the hospital unassisted. This also indicated that it was not an emergency health issue.

Royal correspondent Chris Ship said that it was unusual for the Palace to confirm that it's not COVID-19 since medical bulletins about the royals are often unspecific. However, it was inevitable for the Palace to mention it's not coronavirus given the situation at overwhelmed hospitals across the United Kingdom.

Ship said that the royals don't want the public to conclude that Philip had COVID-19. The Duke of Edinburgh, however, has pre-existing conditions. While it's unclear if his current illness is related to his pre-existing conditions, doctors who recently saw him at Windsor, where he had been isolating with Queen Elizabeth for months, took the necessary precautions to make Philip feel better.

However, a royal biographer believes that Prince Philip must be tired of the nurses and doctors taking extra care of him. Penny Junor joked that the 99-year-old Duke is unlikely to be an ideal patient, and the healthcare workers wouldn't be wanting him on their shift, because he "doesn't like people making a fuss over him" and gets "irritated" if they do, reported Mail Online.

"I think he can be quite blunt and I think if he felt people were fussing over him he could be quite outspoken about that. This is a man who doesn't want any fuss made of his 100th birthday, so the fact he's in hospital and getting some fuss made of him will really irritate him," Junor told BBC Breakfast.

Meanwhile, Philip's doctors are making sure that he's still safely protected in his bubble even as he is in the hospital for observation. According to Daily Mirror, every hospital staff attending to the Duke of Edinburgh has tested negative for COVID-19. Even Philip took a COVID-19 test before his admission and he will also be tested while at the hospital.

The royal staff also prepared beforehand for Philip's hospital admission, making arrangements and corresponding with the hospital workers. A source said that a considerable amount of time and diligence was done to maintain a safe environment for the Duke of Edinburgh while he's getting his much-needed treatment and rest. (Business Times)