Meghan Markle's second pregnancy photo announcement did not just reveal her baby bump but it also showed the "dirty feet" of her husband, Prince Harry, who was mocked online for it.

According to reports some royal fans on Twitter were more drawn to Prince Harry's feet than Meghan's baby belly. They said that the image, which had been captured by the couple's photographer friend, Misan Harriman, was almost perfect except that it also exposed the ugliness of the Duke of Sussex's feet.

One fan even said that the closer shot of the barefoot could be seen as a sign of disrespect in Muslim and Buddhist countries. Another fan mocked Harry and said that the royal's feet are just like the hobbits. Still, another netizen said that Harry should have washed his foot before the photo shoot, while the Duke of Sussex got unsolicited advice to wear better shoes to protect his big toe.

British podiatrist Dina Gohil took time to study Harry and Meghan's pregnancy photo and said that the Duke of Sussex could be suffering from a "mild bunion deformity." In her professional opinion, Harry's toes look odd but it may also because of the angle of the photograph.

Gohil also said that Harry's feet generally look healthy with a good arch. The deformed appearance of his toes could be the result of his military training, where he served for 10 years.


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Harry and Meghan shared their second baby news on Valentine's Day and could likely welcome their baby after four months. Buckingham Palace immediately issued a statement following the Sussex pair's baby announcement, saying that the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales, as well as the rest of the royals, are "delighted" for the pair.

This will be a rainbow baby for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who confirmed in July 2020 that Meghan suffered a miscarriage. Meghan is expected to give birth in the U.S. but she had her first-born son, Archie Harrison, at The Portland Hospital in London in March 2019.

The new Sussex baby, who will carry an American citizenship, will be ranked as the eighth in line to the British throne. Harry is currently the sixth and has not been removed from the succession line despite leaving his royal work in The Firm. Archie, on the other hand, is the seventh in line. (Business Times)