Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed a sixth member to their growing family in January 2021 as they received an adorable gift from James Middleton, Kate's brother, who had a Cocker Spaniel litter. 

But the new Cambridge puppy's name is still unknown to royal followers and all the secrecy behind Kate and William's new pet ownership has apparently been irritating to some royal observers.  

Royal correspondent Rebecca English said in the podcast Palace Confidential that she's annoyed about the "puppy secrecy" and she does not understand why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge won't talk about their new dog. English added that Kate and William were also quite secretive when their former family pet, Lupo, joined the family over nine years ago.

The royal expert recalled that Kate and William's staff won't even confirm Lupo's existence during the dog's first few years in the household. So, when the Cambridges announced Lupo's death in November 2020 via an Instagram post, English said that it made the royal pair more relatable to the public as dog owners. 


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The royal correspondent further argued that she can't make sense of Kate and William's reluctance to share details about their new pup. People reported that the dog is of the same color and from the same bloodline as Lupo but other information about the royal pup has been scarce. 

English also had it on good word that other details about the dog will be "leaked" during the Cambridge pair's future royal engagements, adding more confusion to the royal correspondent. She said that this feels very strange as pet parents usually can't stop talking about their dogs.

Meanwhile, Kate and William adopted Lupo right around the time they got married in 2011. The Duke of Cambridge had to leave for the Falkland Islands and stay there for six weeks. As newlyweds, William didn't want Kate to be alone that long so they got Lupo to keep her company. Those details were not shared to the press until 2018, during a party at Kensington Palace with the Royal Air Force. 

The new dog, on the other hand, joined the family shortly before Lupo died. According to sources, Kate and William thought it would be nice for Lupo to have some company from an energetic pup before his final days. (Business Times)