A magazine claimed that Bradley Cooper and Katie Holmes dated last year. The allegations first emerged from NW after the two celebrities, reportedly, crossed paths in New York City.

Supposed insiders noted that they live a few blocks away from one another, making their first meeting possible. When they bumped into a local coffee shop, Cooper and Holmes, allegedly, got to talking, and eventually, a "romance blossomed" between them.

The same sources, also, claimed that the "low-key" relationship sparked upset among the stars' former partners, Irina Shayk and Jamie Foxx. The outlet even dragged Lady Gaga's name in the narrative, adding that this, reportedly, shocked her because she was expecting the Hangover actor to be with her following Cooper's split with Shayk.

Gossip Cop immediately dismissed the rumors and explained the truths behind every claim. As clarified, Bradley Cooper and Katie Holmes never dated each other.

Despite knowing this, the reputed publication still checked in with trustworthy sources, who have actual knowledge about the celebrities. A spokesperson for the Batman Begins star confirmed that the entire story was false, adding that Holmes did not even know Cooper.

The same outlet, also, emphasized that the Marvel actor never dated nor had romantic links with Lady Gaga. Following his split with model Irina Shayk, he has since remained single and focused on his daughter.

As for Katie Holmes, she has a new boyfriend but, it was not Bradley Cooper. She is currently with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr, whom she started romantic ties with earlier in September.

USA Today recalled that witnesses first saw the pair in New York City. They have since engaged in public displays of affection, seemingly implying that they are, indeed, in a relationship.

However, Holmes and Vitolo were never vocal about their personal lives. It was only a few weeks ago when they completely publicized their feelings about each other.

Back in December, the popular chef took his sweet tribute to Instagram to mark his girlfriend's birthday. After greeting her in the post, he told her that he loves her to which the Dawson's Creek actress replied the same. This was, reportedly, the first time that they made their relationship "Instagram official."  

Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper has a "very friendly and cordial relationship" with Irina Shayk, according to Entertainment Tonight. Sources said that they are "making it work," especially for their daughter.

While the model is a "hands-on mom," the Guardians of the Galaxy star places their daughter on top of his priorities. Accordingly, they continue to have "respect for each other," causing their co-parenting routines and schedules to go "smoothly." (Business Times)