Prince Harry’s physical appearance is causing concern among royal fans and royal experts alike.

Last month, the Duke of Sussex stepped out in Los Angeles to deliver meals at Project Angel Food. Photos of Prince Harry show him looking thin, gaunt, and unhappy.

Royal expert Phil Dampier told New Idea that Prince Harry’s decline is glaringly obvious. And the royal’s usually happy demeanor has been replaced with a serious expression.

“No amount of stunts like delivering food parcels in LA with face masks on will bring back the kudos he once had as a full-time royal. Harry looks very thin, and whereas I would have put that down to giving up beer and getting fit, he now looks a bit cadaverous. It makes you wonder if he is quite stressed and is worrying himself thin,” Dampier said.

The royal expert is also convinced that Prince Harry is going through a wringer of emotions right now. Archie’s dad is reportedly feeling helpless and isolated from the royal family.

Prince Harry must also find himself in a strange place since he left his loved ones back in the United Kingdom. However, he is unable to make new friends in Los Angeles because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Meanwhile, Dampier also weighed in on Prince Harry and Prince William’s feud. He said that it was heartbreaking to see the royal siblings during their final engagement in March. And to make things worse, the royal siblings acted as though they were complete strangers while at Westminster Abbey.

At that time, Markle and Kate Middleton also seemingly ignored each other. The Duchess of Sussex mouthed her hellos to the Duchess of Cambridge, but the latter just nodded to acknowledge that she was there.

According to Glynis Barber, the narrator for “Royals On Tour,” Prince William and Prince Harry’s rift started way back when they were kids. In 1985, Prince Harry made one of his first public appearances on the Royal Yacht Britannia but Prince William stole the limelight from him.

While Britannia played its role in historic world events, like the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, it’s perhaps most remembered for the more intimate family moments.

"In 1985 in Venice, Prince Harry made one of his first public appearances. Although Prince William stole the limelight."

Years ago, Prince William charmed the crowds when he waved at them.