Queen Elizabeth will turn 95-years-old in April. As the years continue to pass by, the speculations over her potential abdication remain apparent today.

Gossip Cop recently covered a claim from the National Enquirer, wherein sources alleged that the British Monarch is already on her deathbed. As she laid in it, her direct heirs are, reportedly, "fighting over who would be King."

A supposed high-level palace courtier claimed that Prince Charles knows all about his mother's plans to "bypass him." He is allegedly aware that the Queen wants Prince William to become the next head of the British Monarchy.

Despite knowing all about it, the Heir Apparent is, reportedly, "fighting tooth and nail" for his rightful place. Likewise, the Duke of Cambridge is, also, doing the same move as he has "no intention of stepping aside."

Gossip Cop immediately quashed the allegations and branded the narratives as "dumb" and bogus. As explained, the British Royals, even Queen Elizabeth, have no say in who will become the next monarch of the United Kingdom. This is because the parliament is the one that outlined the rules of succession and not the royal family.

In the actual line of succession, Prince Charles will become the King of the United Kingdom. He will ascend to the British Throne once his mother passes away or chooses to abdicate.

As for the Queen's health, there are no truths, as well, to the claims that she is already facing "near-death." She is "very much alive and in charge."

People recently released a similar report about the matter. Insiders emphasized that Queen Elizabeth "remains fit to serve." Accordingly, she has no intention of abdicating, or "giving up her role" as the head of the British Monarchy.

The sources continued that "neither her physical nor mental health are waning." She is, in fact, "well and in good fettle" these days inside Windsor Castle, along with Prince Philip.

Despite this, though, a royal expert stated that the Queen is now "gearing up for a transitional period" in the British Royal Family, according to Geo TV. She is preparing herself, as well as Prince Charles, to take over from her.

Later on, Charlie Langston added that the public would start to see the Prince of Wales stepping into some of the roles that Queen Elizabeth previously held. Alongside the Duchess of Cornwall, he will "take on a number of public events that they previously would not have done."