Kate Middleton opened up to being a tired mom during the lockdowns and also admitted that she's the one cutting her children's hair these days, but her comments were slammed by a royal family critic who said that it's all "patronizing nonsense."

Republic CEO Graham Smith doesn't believe that Kate has had to deal with exhaustion because she looks after her three children during the lockdown in the last 10 months. The anti-monarchist said that her statement is out of touch since it's no secret that members of the royal family have dozens of people in their staff.

Smith said that the royal family would never have to worry about the lack of resources. Some social media users also agreed with Smith's statement and said that Kate shouldn't be complaining about doing stuff for her children since she could always rely on their long-time nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. They also said that she has a huge home with an outdoor space for her children, so her "struggles" aren't the real struggles most parents deal with.

However, fans of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge defended Kate and said that they are hands-on parents even with a nanny or a staff at home. Kate and Prince William have talked about taking turns homeschooling and tending to the children in video calls. The fans also said that Kate was being honest about sharing her experiences since parenting struggles are universal.

An insider told Okay! that the Cambridges are very involved with their children. Kate is especially strict about routines and screen times. She also makes it a point to let the kids have a few hours playing outdoors to help with their physical and mental development.

During a video call with homeschooling parents, Kate said that she had to juggle work life and home life while in lockdown. She also joked about her children's reaction when she cuts their hair, suggesting that they don't get a haircut from hired hairdressers.


This wasn't the first time Kate had to discuss her parental struggles during the pandemic. During a rare interview in a morning talk show, the Duchess of Cambridge said that it's hard to keep up with the children's energy, but they've been doing many things together as a family while in lockdown.

Kate said that she makes a checklist of what they've accomplished for the day and only realizes how much they've done with the kids after seeing her list. The Cambridges have been staying at their Norfolk country home when the pandemic started.

They came back to this home when the United Kingdom went into another lockdown during the holidays, and they haven't left since.