Fans of Formula One had a lot to talk about after the Aston Martin team released the first photo of their new top man on the wheel, German driver Sebastian Vettel, because of his resemblance to Prince William.

Vettel, who has been a Formula One world champion four times over, has debuted a new balding look as he joined his new team after saying goodbye to Ferrari in 2020. However, the photo has gone viral on social media and has caused Prince William and the racer to trend on Twitter.

One fan said that Vettel's resemblance to the Duke of Cambridge is uncanny. Another fan wrote that she's howling at the thought of Prince William trending on the internet simply because a Formula One star "has lost his hair."

Many wondered why Vettel went for the "Prince William cut" while some asked what really happened to his lush crowning glory.

Other fans speculated that Vettel, who is 33 years old, seems to be experiencing a common problem with men: hair loss. However, William has had this problem earlier in his late 20s, similar to many men in the British royal family.

William's grandfather, Prince Philip, and his father, Prince Charles, have balding hair on the bark of their head. However, the Duke of Cambridge's thinning hair seems to closely resemble his uncle, Prince Edward. On the other hand, William's younger brother, Prince Harry, experienced hair loss in his mid-30s, and his pattern seems similar to Philip and Charles.

Meanwhile, it's unclear if William follows Formula One or even knows Vettel since he is admittedly more passionate about another type of sport. The Duke of Cambridge is a big fan of European football and has been supporting and cheering on the Aston Villa team.

Harry, on the other hand, is good friends with another Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, was who recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth. The Duke of Sussex had one of his last royal duties in March 2020 with Hamilton at the Silverstone race track.

One of William's extended family members, however, has a connection to Formula One. His brother-in-law, James Matthews, joined the Williams Grand Prix Board of Directors in 2020. Matthews is married to Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, and they are expecting their second child this year. He was a former professional racing driver for Formula 3 before shifting careers as a hedge fund manager.