Aldis Hodge opened up about portraying iconic roles in big-budget movies. The 34-year-old actor has portrayed Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, and Malcolm X along with Jim Brown's character in One Night in Miami, released in 2020, and MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton, which was released in 2015.

The superhero movie also features Eli Goree, Leslie Odom Jr., and Kingsley Ben-Adir, while it revolves around civil rights and race. The actor admitted that he didn't predict the positive response that they have received.

The actor recently reflected on the upcoming superhero film, which is slated to release this year. Hodge opened up about the DC superhero film titled Black Adam and said that he had been cast opposite Dwayne Johnson.

The actor will portray a fictional villain, Hawkman, which was created by artist Dennis Neville and writer Gardner Fox. The actor admitted that he has been looking forward to working on a superhero movie for a long time for many years.

Hodge acknowledged the essence of working with a legend like Johnson. The actor further said that it was a dream come true for him to work with the 48-year-old former professional wrestler and actor. Moreover, the actor said that he wanted to work on scary-suspense films, and thankfully he came across Invisible Man.

The actor recalled when Johnson called Hodge personally to confirm that he is a part of the Black Adam team. Hodge further said that he couldn't believe the phone call at first and felt like he won a lottery. The actor explained that it was unbelievable because he has been hustling to get a role like this for a long time.

"But to be in this position this way in such a transformative role alongside an entertainer like Dwayne Johnson given his magnitude where he's at in his career this gives me so much room to learn. This is so much just education on a plate for where I'm trying to go in my career," he added.

Moreover, the actor said that he feels extremely grateful for the opportunity, and it is the best thing that happened to him. In fact, the actor is still celebrating the success of One Night in Miami and expressed how happy he is for the response.

On a less serious note, the actor said that he will finally get a chance to whoop some a** while until now in every action scene, it was him who used to get beaten up.