While Katie Holmes and her beau Emilio Vitolo Jr. are almost inseparable from each other, her friends also seem to be “obsessed” with the celebrity chef.

The Batman Begins star’s friends have become big fans of the restaurateur. It seems that the actress has already introduced him to her pals and they admire him a lot. 

The 42-year-old could not introduce him to her pals earlier because they started dating amid the COVID-19 lockdown. However, the very fact that they could spend more time in each other’s company has ended up being a positive point for them. The duo had been speaking nonstop ever since they became an item, according to a source. 

The good news is that the actress has recently introduced the chef to some of her buddies while they all dined together in a restaurant in NYC. Vitolo Jr. created a good first impression, and they have started adoring him. 

Her close pals feel that he is a “charismatic man’ and is confident and funny, according to a source. Insiders also claim that Vitolo Jr. has an amicable personality as he gets along with all. However, what impressed them the most was his being so loving and attentive to The Dawson’s Creek alum, according to Entertainment Tonight

The duo was first seen together in September last year and has been frequently spotted in each other’s company since then. An insider claims that they behave like teenagers whenever they meet each other and simply adore one another. 

Although Katie Holmes is a fiercely private person, they have been exchanging major PDAs during their dates. The lockdown allowed them to mingle more as Holmes was not traveling or working very hard. Additionally, the restaurant business was generally hit due to the pandemic, which also gave more time to Emilio Vitolo Jr. 

Meanwhile, the restaurateur made their relationship official on his Instagram handle while celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday. He called her a “beautiful” and the “most amazing” person in the post.  

The chef also declared his love for Holmes in the mushy post. On the other hand, the actress thanked her boyfriend and wrote “I love you” in the comment section. 

Both the actress, as well as, the chef is fond of long, cozy walks. They were spotted once again, enjoying a stroll around NYC. It is a common sight ever since they were first linked romantically last year, according to People magazine. 

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. walked arm in arm and were all smiles though they had worn their masks. While the 42-year-old actress went for an all-jean look, her 33-year-old boyfriend donned a long plaid coat for the outing.