After a rocky start in the middle of the lockdown brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic, it looks like the separation of Mary-Kaye Olsen and estranged husband Olivier Sarkozy has finally pushed through.

Us Weekly reports that the 34-year-old Olsen and the 51-year-old have finally reached a settlement regarding their divorce. The separation has been a long process, beginning in April of last year when Olsen first filed for divorce.

In a Zoom hearing with New York Judge Lori Sattler, Sarkozy’s lawyer Michael Mosberg told Sattler that Olsen and Sarkozy have now agreed with regards to their separation.

According to Mosberg, the agreement between the two was reached in the morning, and that all that was needed before handing it in were some revisions. Mosberg also said that the deal would be handed in by the “end of next week,”

The statement was echoed by Olsen’s own lawyer, Nancy Chemtob. The lawyer said that both camps worked hard to reach an agreement and resolve all issues between them. Just like Mosberg, Chemtob promised to hand in the agreement by next week.

As recounted by E! Online, the initial divorce filing made by Olsen back in April of last year was initially turned down as it was made in the middle of a lockdown brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic.

According to a spokesperson for the New York courts, the divorce filing was not deemed an essential filing. It took until the end of the month of May before the filing was actually accepted and processed.

That initial divorce filing itself was drama-filled, with Olsen claiming that she was afraid that Sarkozy would throw her out of their home in New York City in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Olsen also reportedly feared that Sarkozy would dissipate or destroy their marital property and her own property if the filing did not push through. The filing also demanded Sarkozy to continue paying Olsen’s health and dental insurance as well as for the enforcement of the couple’s prenuptial agreement. 

Aside from Olsen and Sarkozy, another prominent couple that may soon be engaging in divorce proceedings are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While no papers have yet been filed, the talk is rife that the couple is already engaged in settlement discussions so that the divorce can proceed smoothly.

The couple will have to decide on how to split their sizable fortune. While the two have $2 billion between them, the assets they will have to divide will likely be the $70 million in shared assets that include jewelry, vehicles, art, and property.