Popular Hollywood actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been married for more than two decades now. However, there have been frequent reports about them having tensions in their marriage.

A story claimed that the Welsh actress had decided to leave her husband just a few days after the actor’s father, Kirk Douglas, passed away. The report insinuated that Zeta-Jones decided to stay in the marriage simply because she did not want to hurt her late father-in-law.

The report did not stop here and claimed that the actress wanted to feel desirable and splurge on new clothes. However, the story was claimed to be incorrect by one of the actress’s representatives. Of course, what is undeniable is the actress’s love for Douglas Sr.

Another report insisted that the couple’s marriage was almost over. It seems Zeta-Jones feels that as they are growing older, the age-gap between the two of them is also increasing. However, it is hilarious as the age gap between them will always be the same no matter how old they become.

A third report claimed that the Ocean’s Eleven actress was not quite comfortable about her husband’s relationship with his former co-star Kathleen Turner.

She cannot accept the closeness between the two of them and is aware of their sizzling onscreen chemistry. However, this story is an old one as the film The Kominsky Method had hit the theaters in 2018. Even this story emerged to be incorrect.

Contrary to what these reports have been claiming, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ social media posts show that she and Michael Douglas have a great fondness for each other, according to Gossip Cop.

Other reports insisted that the couple was bickering a lot amid the Covid-19 lockdown. The actress, it seems, wants more excitement in her life now. However, none of these reports appear to be true as they have been together for so many years now.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones appear to be in love as they celebrated their 20th anniversary last year with loving messages for each other, as seen in their recent posts on Instagram.

The actress recently took to her Instagram page to share a mushy photo of her kissing Douglas. The couple has been snapped around the sea in this adorable picture.

Catherine Zeta-Jones captioned her photo with Michael Douglas with a beautiful quote by the famous author William Shakespeare. She also added a cute kissing emoji at the end of the caption. The quote meant that nothing could demonstrate a better symbol of love than a kiss like this, according to Republic World.