The ongoing pandemic has been hard for many people, including Alec Baldwin and his family. The 62-year-old actor has been living away from his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, and children. Reportedly, the actor has not contracted with the coronavirus, but he revealed it is the safety concerns that make him quarantine.

The Hunt for Red October star disclosed that he has been traveling to New York for a couple of projects, and upon returning home, he gets quarantined. The couple shares five children together, Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin, Carmen Baldwin, Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin, Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin, and the newborn Rafael Thomas Baldwin.

Alec admitted that every time he wants to meet family after traveling for work, he needs to quarantine to ensure that his family is absolutely safe. Moreover, the actor said that he often tests before returning home. The actor recently praised his wife Hilaria on her birthday and addressed her as home.

The actor posted a picture of his wife along with five kids and wished her a very happy birthday. Alec has always been a supportive husband, as recently, the 37-year-old author has been making headlines because of her heritage.

Yes, the actress has been accused of exaggerating her connection with the Spanish language, and in many interviews, she sounded heavy on her accent. The controversy got fueled after a couple of journalists also tweeted about the same and noted how she is originally born in Boston.

Amid this entire incident, Alec supported Hilaria and said those who are accusing his wife are hiding behind the social media accounts. The actor shared an angry video message on Instagram and said that these haters want to spit their venom on the author for no reason.

"There are things that have been said lately about people that I love that I care about deeply, which are just ridiculous," he added. The actor didn't hold back and turned down all the accusations made against his wife.

While Alec didn't mention Hilaria with her name, it seemed that he had referred journalist Tracie Egan Morrissey in his video. Since the 35-year-old former Bust editor wrote about the author's accent, it seems that many other outlets have followed the bait.

Hilaria also opened up about the allegations and confirmed that she was not born in Spain and it's her family that stays in Spain. Moreover, she said that the accent sounds different because of family influence.