Hortensia has relied on its vassal states for countless years for protection. However, after a revolt, things are looking bleak. Hortensia Saga Episode 2 is titled Memories – The Lore of Magonia.

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The official website revealed the stills from Hortensia Saga Episode 2 along with the summary.

“The border forces have been wiped out. Hortensia will not be taking any action against us for some time. This should also serve as an example to Dayereh. Good work. Rugis, I do have something else to report. What is it? I came across Sir Fernando’s keepsake. Well, now I have something to look forward to. So it shouldn’t be any wonder that the monster of Tron Cavern is real. I wish I could do as much as you, Nonnoria. No, no! Marius, you still have a lot on your shoulders! But, right now, time is the essence!” the preview for the forthcoming episode read.

In the pilot episode of Hortensia Saga, in the Royal Capital of Kingdom of Hortensia, Camellia’s forces are instructed to stand ready outside the castle. The commander of the forces rallies his soldiers to rise for Rugis.

As the soldiers charge inside the castle, Hortensian Knight Templar, Fernando Albert, intervenes and asks the soldiers to stop as they are brothers in arms with Camellia.

However, the soldiers ask him to stay away and even attack him. He goes on to kill the soldiers from attacking him. Later, he learns that Mariel is in trouble. Fernando is shocked to find out that the king is under attack.

Hortensian Knight Templar Captain, Maurice Baudelaire, and Adelheide move inside the castle. He tells her that Camellia turning on them is the worst news.

Maurice believes that the negotiations between his Majesty and the Duke Rugis must have broken down.

It becomes clear that Rugis is staging a rebellion against Hortensia.

The king and princess are in trouble. In the meantime, the monster of Magonian lore appears inside the castle. While Maurice and Fernando get inside to save the king and the princess, they leave Adelheide behind to deal with the monster. Can she beat the monster before it is too late?

How To Watch Hortensia Saga Episode 2 Online?

Fans of the series can watch the second episode online on Funimation. Currently, the episodes are made available in Japanese with English subtitles.

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