Despite running multiple businesses including a gin company, and launching a mobile provider, Ryan Reynolds managed to take some time out to film half of a Netflix movie with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Long-time friends Reynolds and Johnson were filming their imminent Netflix movie entitled Red Notice when the production on the project had to be shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the recently aired at-home variant of The Tonight Show, the Canadian actor told Jimmy Fallon about the fun they had on set.

The Two Guys and a Girl actor said they were about a couple of days past the halfway point line, admitting that they might have finished filming the movie if they didn't spend 90 percent of their time fooling around. Noting that he has known 'The Rock' for about 15 years, Reynolds said they spend a lot of time trying to make each other laugh, which isn't a very responsible thing to do with the media-services provider's money.

When Fallon asked what makes the 48-year-old former WWE superstar laugh, Reynolds divulged details about his flawless method. One of the reasons, Reynolds said he has been friends with John for a long time is because he doesn't mind laughing at himself, which is also one of the things he loved about the Jumanji: The Next Level star.

Keeping in line with that, Reynolds said all you need to do to make Johnson laugh is to repeat his lines about 27 percent faster adding a swear word at the end. He explained with a hilarious demonstration, saying Johnson leaves the room after that and never comes back.

The yet to be completed movie features Reynolds and Johnson as a con artist and an FBI agent, respectively. Aside from them, Red Notice stars Gal Gadot in an enigmatic role, which Reynolds opted to remain mum about. Earlier this week, the Deadpool actor revealed a shot from the upcoming movie giving fans a brief glimpse of how much fun he and Johnson had on the set.

In the aforesaid behind-the-scenes photo, Reynolds and Johnson are seen laughing while sporting tuxedos, with Reynolds wishing the Jungle Cruise actor a happy birthday in the caption section.

Reynolds also spoke about quarantining with his wife Blake Lively and three daughters and later in the interview, he divulged details about how his businesses are making noteworthy contributions to those affected by the pandemic including New York's overwhelmed hospitals, food banks in Canada and London's unemployed bartenders.