Gigi Hadid celebrated her boyfriend Zayn Malik's birthday. The former member of One Direction, which was a British-Irish band has turned 28th on Jan 12. His girlfriend and mother of his newborn baby paid tribute to Malik on social media.

The couple is currently on cloud nine as they have welcomed a baby girl and spending most of the time with her. The young couple gave a sneak peek inside their relationship in the Instagram post. The 25-year-old model posted two pictures in the recent post.

In one of the pictures, Malik and Hadid could be seen holding hands while Malik smoking a cigarette. However, there is another picture posted in the same gallery, which is an illustration of the I Don’t Wanna Live Forever star.

The illustration featured the baby and Malik looking at his fingers with happiness that doesn't consist of a cigar rate anymore. It is cute to see the illustration as the baby's eyes are throwing white light towards the hands, which looks like a magical move by the little one.

Besides the Illustration, Hadid wrote a sweet note and addressed her boyfriend as "Zaddy Baba." She also called Malik part of "team no sleep" before starting the message. She wished him a very happy birthday and noted that this one is extremely special.

Hadid expressed her love for Malik and said that she loves him for a long time and thanked him for making her a mother. She concluded the message by adding that she wishes Malik the best daily. Malik and Hadid have been keeping their relationship private after coming back together.

Previously, they have been dating on and off since they first came across each other in 2015. It seems the couple has cracked the code to stay happy together and keeping their personal details under the wrap. In fact, Hadid didn't even share on social media about her pregnancy for a long time.

Even after disclosing her pregnancy a couple of weeks before the delivery, she kept the details confidential and said that only family and friends know about it. However, Hadid has been sharing a couple of pictures with Malik every now and then.

Recently, the model posted a throwback picture of Malik kissing her, but it was deleted later. The couple has welcomed the bundle of joy in September and noted that their relationship has changed following parenthood but for good.