While her romance with Joe Alwyn is still going strong, Taylor Swift’s second surprise album Evermore is back to the Number 1 spot. Meanwhile, a magazine had alleged a year ago that the pop star was in a hurry to get married after her mom was diagnosed with cancer.

Swift is in a great place today professionally, as well as in her personal life. However, it was being insisted that the songstress wanted to get married to her beau Alwyn fast after her mom was detected with a brain tumor.

Her second surprise studio album Evermore has been on the Number spot of the Billboard’s album chart for three out of four weeks now. It clinched the top spot for the third time since its release, according to The New York Times.

Swift’s love life is going strong too. She and her boyfriend of four years were spotted together recently in one of their rare public appearances. The lovebirds were snapped enjoying a walk with Alwyn’s mom in London. The duo held hands and was seen together for the first time in a year or so, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

However, things got interesting last year when a tabloid insisted that Swift wanted to get married as soon as possible after she got the sad news of her mom, Andrea Swift. Andrea’s was first detected with the terminal disease in 2015, but it relapsed again in 2019.

The pop star made a revelation last January that there was a tumor diagnosed in her mother’s brain when she was being treated for cancer.  It looks like the outlet used this tragic news to spin a story about how Swift wanted her wedding to take place soon.

The report added that Swift wanted to hurry up the nuptial as she was aware that it would give her mom great pleasure to see her get married to the love of her life. Also, the article claimed that Andrea was extremely fond of Alwyn.

It looked like the magazine also knew that Taylor Swift wanted a small ceremony at her place where only her close friends and family members would be present. The report ended by mentioning that the songstress intended to discuss her wedding plans with Andrea first.

However, the story is incorrect because Swift would have been far too busy looking after her mom and her career to get married in haste, as suggested by the tabloid.

It is also sad how the magazine purported that Taylor Swift will lose her mom before getting married if she waits too long. It is undoubtedly one of the most hurtful and ridiculous tales one can ever encounter, according to Gossip Cop.