A publication claimed a couple of years ago that Gwen Stefani was fed up because Blake Shelton was putting on a lot of weight. Let us see how true the story was!

It seems that the Hollaback Girl hitmaker was irked the way the country crooner was gaining weight. She, reportedly, had to give him a warning that she would split from him if he did not control his weight. 

The Rich Girl hitmaker asked her then-boyfriend to join a gym so that he could be back in shape. The publication also stated that the songstress wanted Shelton to slim down as she was keen to have a child with him. It also meant that Shelton had to be healthy enough to look after the baby. 

It was irritating for the Make Me Like You songstress when she observed that Shelton was neglecting his health. She was, reportedly, apprehensive that if things continued this way, he would not live long to see their kid becoming an adult. The pregnancy angle was not new as many other tabloids have reported on how the duo has always been trying to start a family. 

The report did not end here, but further purported that he did not join the gym although he tried to assure his girlfriend that he will take care of their baby. Stefani was aware that it was late to have another baby, but she simply said so that Shelton starts taking care of himself. She did not want to have any issues for them to start a family late. 

It was further reported that Shelton eventually started to control his diet and even visited the gym occasionally so that Stefani was pleased with him, according to a source. At the same time, when Stefani was not by his side, he could not resist having a burger and a beer occasionally. 

The story of Gwen Stefani giving an ultimatum to Blake Shelton seems a bit too far-fetched. A couple of years has passed since the story came out, and the pair is not only together but got engaged last year, delighting their fans, according to People magazine. It is obvious that Stefani and Shelton are very much together and did not split, according to Gossip Cop

The pair declared their engagement in October last year. The lovebirds shared a joint announcement and flaunted the ring on Instagram. Stefani posted an adorable photo of them on the photo-sharing platform and captioned it with the words: “Yes, please.”

In response, Blake Shelton thanked Gwen Stefani for saving his 2020, as well as, the rest of his life. He also declared his love for her on social media.