Michael Anthony opened up about his relationship following Eddie Van Halen's death. The 66-year-old musician confessed that not solving issues with the late musician bothers him. The musician who is popular for playing guitar, keyboards, vocals, and bass spoke about the late musician on Talkin' Rock with Meltdown podcast.

Anthony got candid about his feeling for Van Halen and said that he wished to reconcile with him prior to his death. He was questioned on the podcast about the relationship they shared in the last days of Van Halen, and Anthony disclosed that they never really got a chance to speak with each other.

The musician reflected on their reunion and said that it was unfortunate that it never took place. However, the musician said that what can be done as life goes on. Van Halen joined the band in 1974, and later, he was replaced by his own son in 2006, Wolf Van Halen.

Following the death news, it was revealed in October that the musician passed away because of cancer. At that time, Anthony took his social media to share a picture of him and the late musician performing together on the stage. He captioned the picture and wrote that he is heartbroken and no words to define his feelings.

Van Halen always kept his cancer battle private, and Anthony reflected on it during the podcast conversation. He noted that Van Halen always kept the details private and never spoke about the stage or how ill he became.

However, he revealed that everyone knows that he was sick but had no details, because of which this news came to him as a shock. While Anthony wasn't able to get his relationship on track with Van Halen, another lead singer of the rock band Sammy Hagar successfully reconciled before his death. The 73-year-old singer and songwriter shared an official statement to Howard Stern privately as he didn't want to appear on air.

"I would love you to share that Eddie and I had been texting, and it's been a love fest since we started communicating earlier this year," he wrote in the letter. He further wrote that both the musicians agreed not to reveal their friendship to anyone.

He explained the reason and wrote that fans might start expecting a reunion, and they both knew that it isn't going to take place. However, he confirmed that Van Halen didn't want to talk about his private battle with cancer.