Fans have been following the ups and downs of Jennifer Aniston’s personal life. Yet Jen has continued to be warm and candid always. The actress has revealed her favorite meal from her childhood days. 

Jen also has had no qualms about discussing her disturbing childhood years and her difficult relationship with her mom, who is no more. Simultaneously, the Friends alum also had some excellent childhood memories, including her favorite meal when she was a little girl. 

The Morning Show actress has been a part of Hollywood for nearly three decades. She has not only had success in the television industry but has also acted in successful movies such as The Good Girl and Along Came Polly.

Jen has been carefully picked up her roles to come out from being typecast as the “girl next door.” The actress is busy with the shoot of the second season of The Morning Show these days. 

The Friends alum has discussed the trauma she faced while growing up in the past. Her parents Nancy Dow and John Aniston, have both been actors. She had faced a lot of challenges, particularly before her parents decided to split. Jen was only nine-year-old at that time. 

She felt unsafe while growing up in a destabilized household, according to her own admission made to Interview Magazine. Jen saw her parents being unkind to one another and did not want to experience the same feeling after growing up. 

The good news is that she did not let those memories affect her and has been extremely positive with her life. Her relationship with her late mom was particularly tense. The mother-and-daughter were estranged for nearly 10 years but patched up before Dow passed away in 2016. 

She made it clear that the choice of not on talking terms with her mom was theirs. They did not mind if others did not understand it. Jennifer Aniston said so while speaking to Vanity Fair some years ago. However, she would not like to have grown up differently, given a choice. 

Although she faced some unpleasant issues in her childhood, Jen still has some good memories of her late mom, especially her favorite meal in childhood, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. For instance, she loved to eat mayo on white bread. Also, the actress freaked on her mom’s beef chili. She loved the sliced, canned black olives on them. 

It is tough to follow a strict health and diet plan without feeling restricted. Additionally, celebrities are constantly in the public eye and are scrutinized whenever they step out. Jennifer Aniston is aware of all that but has managed to strike a perfect balance in her life.