Ken Jennings is the chosen one! Yes, the 46-year-old former Jeopardy! winner has officially taken over the show. However, before the show begins, Jennings paid tribute to the late Alex Trebek during the first show he hosted.

The Washington hailed winner featured in a short video, where he opened up about the reverence and love for Trebek. The Canadian game show host died on Nov. 8 at the age of 80. While the late host was suffering from pancreatic cancer, he hosted television series for over 37 years.

Interestingly, he telecasted 8,000 episodes throughout his journey on the quiz show. Jennings could relate with the show's fans and viewers and the late host in the first appearance. He noted that he completely agrees with the viewers that I shouldn't be at this place as even he wants to see Trebek.

Moreover, he admitted that he understands how it feels when someone else is standing behind this desk. However, he further noted that there are millions of fans who love this quiz show, including the people watching at this moment.

In fact, the late host loved this show, and Jennings said that he is glad to help to continue the show and to fill this space. The network announced following the host's death that the show will be hosted by multiple hosts throughout the season.

Jennings marked the first host as a guest to continue the show, and soon other celebrities and former game show champions might be seen hosting the quiz. Jennings continued to share his feelings about filming the show and said that it is unimaginable.

"I thought I had studied the man and I understood just what a remarkable job he was doing keeping the game going mastering his sense that he understood all the clues because he did explaining it to the audience," Jennings explained the way he looked at Trebek's job as a contestant.

Jennings has set the record as a contestant to win 74 games back to back. Although after hosting the show, he disclosed the respect for the late host had been increased massively. He explained how the experience of standing behind this desk is beyond nerve-racking.

In fact, it is an intense experience, which can't be explained in words. Jennings disclosed that this job is extremely demanding, and Trebek was best at his work. Moreover, he revealed that the veteran was always with the contestants considering the amount of pressure they have on television.