Jennifer Lopez has, allegedly, vowed to never get married to Alex Rodriguez.

In its Jan. 18 issue, National Enquirer seemingly misinterpreted Lopez’s previous statement about her upcoming wedding.

And the tabloid also seemingly put words in the singer’s mouth by saying that Lopez is mulling over never getting married to Rodriguez.

The tabloid quoted Lopez’s interview with Andy Cohen last month when she said that she and Rodriguez are not in a rush to get married. After all, Rodriguez and Lopez have both been married before.

Lopez also said that she and her fiancé are contemplating possibly not pushing through with their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the World of Dance judge never said that canceling their wedding altogether is her final decision.

To make the tabloid’s claims more questionable, they said that Lopez and Rodriguez have been fighting a lot.

In June, Lopez was photographed strolling outdoors without her engagement ring. And the tabloid immediately assumed that she’s not wearing it because her wedding is canceled.

Months later, the tabloid claimed that Lopez can’t stand Rodriguez’s weight gain and eating habits.

“Jennifer is grossed out by her Greek god turned slob,” the source said.

And the insider also alleged that Rodriguez thinks Lopez is bossy for asking him to lose weight before they tie the knot.

However, none of these claims are true. Lopez and Rodriguez aren’t feuding.

Lopez has been adamant at saying that she and Rodriguez have agreed to postpone their nuptials due to the pandemic.

The singer also said that it doesn’t feel right to plan a huge wedding when the entire world is struggling.

Still, another tabloid insisted that Lopez and Rodriguez aren’t pushing through with their wedding because the latter got cold feet.

In Touch Weekly also published a similar story about the couple. And Gossip Cop pointed out that the similarities between the two tabloids’ stories make their claims even more suspicious.

Last year, Lopez also told Today that she’s a little heartbroken over having to postpone her wedding to Rodriguez.

The singer’s statement proves that she’s not delighted to not be able to wed Rodriguez as soon as possible.

This also proves that the tabloid’s claims about the couple’s wedding is wrong.

And by the looks of it, Lopez and Rodriguez will immediately tie the knot once it’s safe for them to host a huge event with their family and friends.