Speculations are rife that Stevie Wonder may not be completely blind. We take a close look at the story. 

Not many are aware that Wonder was a premature baby. He had to be placed in an incubator as his organs required more time to develop. Due to receiving excessive Oxygen while being treated, he suffered from an eye disorder leading to his loss of vision. 

If this theory is correct, it also means that Wonder was not blind when he was born. However, his eyes received permanent damage when he was treated in an incubator. 

The setback, though, did not become a hurdle in his life. He told Oprah Winfrey in an interview once that he had told his mother not to be worried about him for losing his vision. He learned to play piano, drums, and harmonica by himself by the time he was 10-year-old. 

Wonder emerged as one of the music legends and has as many as 22 Grammys in his kitty. His music is regarded as ageless as he has die-hard fans from different age-groups. 

Interestingly though, there are people who think that the legendary singer is not blind. For instance, there was this incident in 2010 when Wonder was performing at the White House with another music legend, Paul McCartney. The latter accidentally knocked a mic stand, but Wonder was quick enough to catch the equipment and put it back in its position. 

The Internet broke after this, with many people questioning the authenticity of his blindness. Another occasion when Bomani Jones, an ESPN sportswriter, wondered about the singer’s strange decision to participate in the reality show Dancing With The Stars. He mentioned that competitive ballroom dancing was not something blind people usually do in a YouTube video

Other celebrities have been skeptical about his ability to see. Lionel Richie seems to be one of them. The Dancing On The Ceiling hitmaker mentioned in one of the episodes of the Kelly Clarkson Show that he has seen Stevie Wonder once steering a vehicle in reverse. 

Richie stated that he has spent quite a lot of time with the other singer and had the gut feeling that he could see. He knows that Wonder can see. 

However, despite many such conspiracy theories, Stevie Wonder may be highly perceptive like the way people with vision are. At the same time, it is tough to believe that he is pretending to be blind throughout his life, according to Gossip Cop