The golden maknae BTS Jungkook impacted hugely in one day after trending at the first spot of Twitter's trending list for Jungkook Day. With no hesitations, Jungkook flaunted his new hairdo and color, shocking everyone that in his way.

ARMYs celebrate Jungkook Day

The annual Jungkook Day celebration occurs every Jan. 9, marking this year another milestone for the singer. The 23-year-old K-pop idol has been the main reason why his worldwide fans started the event since Jungkook declared it during one of BTS's Seasons Greetings a few years back.

The date Jan. 9 is the reverse of the singer's birthday, Sept. 1—09/1 to 01/09. This year, Jungkook Day was celebrated worldwide that led to the hashtags used for the mesmerizing celebration to trend on the social media platform Twitter.

Aside from the trends, fans from various parts of the world donated to charities and expressed their sole appreciation for Jungkook on one of his unforgettable day.

According to Allkpop, OUR HAPPINESS JUNGKOOK made its way on the first rank of the trending list, while the hashtag #HAPPYJKDAY finished at No. 1 worldwide and No. 1 in the country.

Furthermore, the donation made by the golden maknae's fans went into the supporters' respective countries. The fans' way of giving back and showing much the Euphoria singer had inspired them to help people in need if time and resources permit.

On top of the fans, other media outlets worldwide celebrated Jungkook Day, showing the massive popularity of the Jungkook-dedicated event.

BTS Jungkook stuns ARMYs with newly blonded hair

As Jungkook Day continues to be intensely celebrated, the singer graced the 2020 Golden Disc Awards day one that made the fans nutty as a fruitcake with his new hair. That said, the singer appeared with mesmerizing blonde hair as the Grammy-nominated band came up on stage to accept the Best Digital Song award.

With his new blonde hair, 1.5 million tweets about the matter were made on Twitter, trending it on No. 2 worldwide. A few hours after, the same topic stayed on the Top 10 trending list, earning a whopping 1.9 million tweets.

The BTS members ruled the trending list of more than 80 countries, with Jungkook finishing at No. 1 in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Russia, and more.

Adding up Jungkook's blonde hair fame, Google listed the keyword "Blonde" as one of the top searches about the idol, showing the domination of Jungkook globally.