Meghan Markle is dubbed as a social-climber for refusing to let go of her royal titles even after she quit The Firm.

In its Jan. 18 issue, Globe claimed that Markle loves the glamour that her marriage has brought to her life.

After all, if not for Prince Harry, Markle wouldn’t be one of the most famous people in the world today.

However, her decision to quit The Firm last year means that she no longer wants to attach herself to the royal family.

As such, critics couldn’t help but urge Queen Elizabeth to strip Prince Harry and Markle of their titles.

Unfortunately, the tabloid also said that being a social-climber and enjoying the glamour that her marriage has brought isn’t a crime.

Royal expert Marlene Koenig also said a similar thing during her conversation with the tabloid.

“There is no law preventing him from being called Prince Harry of Meghan being addressed as a duchess. Prince Harry could choose to be styled as the younger son of a duke because he is. His father is the Duke of Cornwall and the Duke of Rothesay,” the source said.

Meanwhile, an unnamed insider also told the tabloid that the public knows the fairy dust that Prince Harry and Markle bring to the table.

So, even if they don’t use their royal titles when signing business contracts, they will still get huge sums of money for it.

In related news, other publications are also speculating on the possibility that Prince Harry and Markle will lose their royal titles now that the 12-month review is nearing.

Last year, the couple made an agreement with the queen to retain their HRH titles, but they no longer use them.

The couple also retained their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, but they usually just introduce themselves using their first names.

According to People, Prince Harry’s military titles is another important thing that the queen would have to decide on.

The publication said that it would be devastating for the former royal to lose his military titles since he’s an Afghanistan war veteran and former Army captain.

Years ago, the queen decided to strip Princess Diana of her titles after she and Prince Charles divorced. However, the move was regarded as overly punitive.

As such, royal insiders are convinced that the queen will continue to allow Prince Harry and Markle to keep their royal titles as their arrangements are reevaluated.