Taylor Swift introduced a couple of deluxe numbers from Evermore on Jan. 7, 2020, and many fans felt she was disparaging her former BFF Karlie Kloss in it.

Kloss was an integral part of the songstress’s close friendship circle for quite some time. However, fans became convinced that they had fallen out as their joint appearances became less regular. 

Swift dropped two fresh numbers from EvermoreIt’s Time To Go and Right Where You Left Me. The lyrics of these two songs are as powerful and hard-hitting as her other tracks in the album. Some netizens pointed out that the lyrics of one of her new songs look autobiographical, according to Hollywood Life

It’s Time To Go is about having the gut feeling of when it is time to say goodbye to a person or something. It can be about leaving a work assignment, a pal, or a lover. It narrates the tales of splitting, as well as someone less deserving surging ahead in life.

However, the lyrics are also about losing the friendship, which some fans feel refers to her differences with the model. Swift has never officially confirmed that she and Kloss have fallen out. However, there have been almost zero public appearances made by the two of them in recent years. 

It is interesting to note that the model did not defend her then-friend after Scooter Braun bought the rights to her masters. 

There was a time from2014 to 2016 when the two women were known as BFFs. The duo even appeared together for one of Vogue’s photoshoots. A fan pointed out that they found it extremely funny when Taylor Swift referred to Karlie Kloss as a crook in Evermore

Their last public picture was clicked in 2018. It was a time when Kloss accompanied in the singer’s Reputation Tour. She was even seen chatting with the singer backstage. 

Kloss had taken to her Instagram handle then and posted an adorable picture of herself and Swift. She mentioned that the Nashville concert was excellent, and she was extremely proud of her friend. 

The model said in a talk show that she thought that Swift was “incredible” and she was lucky to have her as a friend. She had also mentioned that she and Swift were still friends in another interview in 2018. 

In other news, Taylor Swifts’ studio album Folklore has been recognized as the top album of 2020. It happens to be her eighth album and sold more than 2.3 million units worldwide. Lil Baby’s album My Turn was at the second spot and sold 2.1 million copies, according to Times of India