Divorces can be contentious affairs, especially when it comes to splitting assets between the former couples. Settling assets will most definitely be a big talking point in the looming Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce as the couple has a $2 billion fortune between them.

The Mirror reports that Kardashian has contacted celebrity attorney Laura Wasser to represent her in the upcoming divorce. Wasser is the same attorney that Kardashian used in 2013 when she divorced ex-husband Kris Humphries.

Quoting a source, the publication says Kardashian and West are engaging in settlement and custody talks. The source also claims that ever since the lockdowns brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic, the couple has not stopped fighting with each other.

With regards to the possible settlement the two may have, Forbes offers a breakdown of the assets the couple may be fighting over should their divorce push through. 

First off, the business magazine speculates that the couple probably has a prenuptial agreement, given that this is Kardashian’s third marriage. This would limit what assets either Kardashian or West can claim.

Between the two of them, the larger part of the $2 billion fortune is with West. The Yeezy shoe brand is wholly owned by West, which back in 2019 was worth $1.3 billion. Forbes says that even a conservative estimate of Yeezy’s valuation would place it at $1.26 billion.

Kardashian’s $750 million fortune, meanwhile, is tied to her KKW Beauty line as well as money earned from her 13-year stint on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Income also comes in via endorsement and modeling gigs, as well as her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app.

However, most of West and Kardashian’s assets may be protected by the possible prenuptial agreement. What the couple may have to fight over will be the assets they acquired together, and Forbes says that comes in at around $70 million.

Broken down, that $70 million is made up of a number of properties in Los Angeles, Miami, and Wyoming. Art, vehicles, and jewelry amounting to $12,500,000 could also be in play. It will now be up to the couple’s lawyers as to how these assets will be split.

Of course, Kardashian and West are far from being the only Hollywood couple engaged in a divorce involving a contentious division of assets. For instance, Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi are currently battling over spousal support.

In her divorce filing, Jayne asked for spousal support from Girardi. She had also instructed her lawyers to look into whether she has any claims to the properties she and Girardi share.

Girardi has contested the filing, refusing to pay for spousal support and also requesting the court to have Jayne pay for the attorney’s fees that will result from the divorce proceedings.