A tabloid has claimed that Justin Bieber has finally found the real purpose in his life, which is to take up a minister's profession. Here is the complete story!

The pop star has finally realized what the real purpose in his life is. At least, that is what a magazine recently purported. While he does not want to give up singing, it seems he wants to become a full-time minister, according to the same report.

The article points out that the world-famous singer took this crucial decision after a scandal involving Carl Lentz, a head pastor for Hillsong. Incidentally, Lentz was shown the door after he carried out several affairs despite being married to another head pastor of the same church.

The report further mentions that the celebrity favors Hillsong Church for several years now. According to a source, he has, reportedly, started studying to take up a minister's job after the controversy took place. 

At the same time, it seems the singer has other reasons to become a minister. He feels indebted to the church for rescuing him from a turbulent stage in his life when he was into drugs, arrests, and public meltdowns. 

It appears that Justin and his wife Hailey Bieber were both counseled by a pastor called Judah Smith of Churchdome. While he has no intention of quitting music, he may eventually do just that because of the bigger goals in his life, according to a tipster. 

However, it was a bogus report and there was not even an iota of truth in it. To start with, Justin Bieber has strongly denied the report that he has started studying to become a full-fledged minister. The Sorry hitmaker confirmed that he was not even thinking of studying to become a minister. 

The Love Yourself hitmaker took to the Stories section of Instagram this Monday. He denied a report published by Page Six, which also purported that he planned to be a minister in New York City’s Hillsong Church. Incidentally, this megachurch has allured several celebrities.  

The Yummy musician posted the article’s screenshot, which was published a week ago. He declared it as “fake news” and stated that he has no wish to become a minister. The singer also said that Hillsong was not his church. Instead, he was associated with Churchome for charity, according to Today Show

While it is true that Justin Bieber is a deeply religious person and is grateful to his religion for being a changed person, it looks like some tabloids are taking leverage of his devotion to publishing such incorrect reports, according to Gossip Cop.