The next mission awaits Dai and his friends in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 14. The upcoming episode is titled Blizzblaze General Flazzard.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Read if you wish to know more

The official Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 14 promo trailer has been released. The new promo suggests that after beating Hyunckel, Dai and the others meet Amy, who is one of the Papnica Troika.

The team head towards Valge Island and are set to encounter Leona. However, the island is already under attack. Dai’s next challenge is up against Blizzblaze Legion. It will be interesting to see Dai and company tackle this new threat.

“Having defeated Hyunckel, Dai and company along with Baduck, meet Amy, one of the Papnica Troika. Together, they head to Valge Island, where Leona awaits. But the island is already under siege by the next enemy, the Blizzblaze Legion,” the promo text from the new episode read.

In the previous Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai episode, titled The Deciding Moment, Dai fights against the mighty Hyunckel. Dai’s blow manages to beat the opponent. Popp is excited and notes that Hyunckel’s armor has managed to withstand the attack. But it appears that Hyunckel is burned to a crisp inside.

Before Popp could celebrate, Hyunckel packs a punch across his face, and he goes flying away. Dai realizes that even Zapple fails to work on the opponent. However, Popp feels that the enemy withstood the damage from the attack.

Even without his armor, Hyunckel is quite strong and formidable. Meanwhile, Hyunckel admits he misjudged Dai and Popp but will not hold back in the battle.

Hyunckel attacks with Dark Puppetry Aura Hand, and Dai freezes. The enemy then uses Bloody Scryde to finish Dai.

Popp watches in horror as Dai is knocked out after the attack. Will he be able to rise again and fight back Hyunckel?

How To Watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 14 Online?

Fans of the anime can watch episode 14 online through live streaming mode on Crunchyroll. The episode will be live streaming for premium subscribers in Japanese with English subs. For English dubs, fans will have to wait as they will release at a later date.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 14 Release Date and Airtime

The episode is slated to hit the airwaves on Friday, Jan. 8, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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