While Jennifer Lopez has been an accomplished singer, actress, and performer, people are always keen to know about her personal life. Many feel that the singer-actress has resorted to cosmetic procedures to look youthful. However, Lopez has finally revealed the secret of her glowing skin and youthful look. 

Lopez got her first break in the films in 1986 when she was just 16-year-old. She was seen in a cameo in the movie My Little Girl. She did not look back after that. She also worked for television in 1990 in a popular comedy show called In Living Color

However, she was not just contented with her success in TV and films. Lopez dropped her maiden album called In The 6 in 1999, which went platinum. She followed it up with another hit album titles JLo

The singer-actress has been into releasing music and acting since then. Lopez also appeared on the popular TV competition show called America’s Got Talent as a judge. 

However, many people feel that she had botox as it is usually tough to look the way she still does. It is not uncommon that fans will be keen to know Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secrets. She has been in the entertainment industry for more than three decades now and still looks as lovely as always. 

However, Lopez tried to put the speculation to rest finally, according to Page Six. The On The Floor hitmaker confirmed that she had never taken Botox. While she is not against people who do that, she does not think she is meant for it.

Lopez is more in favor of using natural products for taking care of her skin. Although she is not against trying treatments such as Botox someday, she is not yet interested in doing so. 

Rather than resorting to cosmetic procedures, the songstress is in favor of using a couple of things as part of her beauty routine- daily sunscreen and olive oil. It seems her easy and natural skincare routine has done wonders for her skin and complexion, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Meanwhile, If You Had My Love hitmaker has launched her skincare line called JLo Beauty with eight products. According to Allure, she has used natural ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil, an extract of olive leaves, and olive-derived squalane in all these beauty products.

Jennifer Lopez’s new skincare line will give her admirers an opportunity to practice healthy skincare in their daily lives. As of now, the singer-actress has revealed her beauty secrets to all her fans.