Tom Cruise recently made headlines following his on-set breakdown.

Now, a source is saying that the Mission: Impossible actor needs professional help.

In its Jan. 11 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Cruise seemed unstable in the leaked video where he’s seen lashing out at two crew members.

A source said that it’s evident the actor had an emotional and psychological breakdown.

The insider also said that Cruise has issues with the way he speaks because he’s belittling, demeaning, and demoralizing.

“He’s leading by fear. I can say professionally he needs help with anger management,” the source said.

Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass also thinks that Cruise is under a lot of pressure. She is also convinced that the actor had a psychological breakdown.

However, it is unlikely for the actor to seek professional help because he doesn’t believe in therapy and psychiatry.

But the author of Scientology: The Cult of Greed, Jon Atack said that Cruise needs to do something about his temper.

Other Scientologists are also saying that Cruise should’ve handled his emotions better after years of probing his innermost feelings and secrets in Scientology.

Meanwhile, the tabloid also claimed that shortly after Cruise’s rant made headlines, it was also revealed that he’s dating his Mission: Impossible co-star, Hayley Atwell.

A source said that the co-stars managed to keep their relationship a secret. And the only people that knew about it are the members of Cruise’s team.

However, the insider also revealed that some of Cruise’s critics are convinced that the actor confirming his relationship with Atwell is a carefully orchestrated stunt.

After all, Katie Holmes’ ex-husband, allegedly, wanted to divert the attention from his recent meltdown.

And the details about Cruise and Atwell’s relationship is believed to be coming from the actor’s camp.

Last month, The Sun claimed that Cruise is secretly dating Atwell.

A production source told the publication that the co-stars hit it off from day one.

Even though they were forced to separate due to the lockdown and other issues, Cruise and Atwell managed to make things work.

The source also said that Atwell and Cruise spend a lot of time together. And the actress has also hung out at the actor’s London pad.

Despite their 20-year age gap, the insider said that Cruise and Atwell are very happy.

As of late, the rumored couple hasn’t confirmed the real status of their relationship.

But if they are really dating, Atwell is Cruise’s first girlfriend since 2012.