Queen Elizabeth is once again at the center of speculations regarding her health.

In its Jan. 11 issue, National Enquirer listed down their death predictions for 2021 and the queen made it to their absurd list.

The tabloid claimed that Her Majesty is dealing with all sorts of health problems such as arthritis, heart ailments, joint pains, fainting spells, and leukemia.

A source told the tabloid that the queen was secretly diagnosed with blood cancer in 2019. But her doctors at King Edward VII’s Hospital decided to keep things a secret.

“I don’t think there is much that could be done about her heart,” an unnamed doctor said.

The tabloid also claimed that the queen was hospitalized due to a stomach bug in 2013.

Four years later, she, allegedly, blacked out and fainted at a public event.

And since the queen is 94 years old, the tabloid is convinced that she doesn’t have long to live.

However, the tabloid’s claims about the queen’s health problems aren’t correct. After all, if the queen has leukemia, the palace would’ve already released a statement about it.

And if the monarch is dying, the palace will also be the one to give updates about her health and not an unreliable tabloid.

Meanwhile, the tabloid also predicted that several celebrities will pass away this year.

The tabloid claimed that Lady Gaga is also at risk of dying this year. After all, the singer suffers from a chronic illness called fibromyalgia.

While it is true that Gaga suffers from a serious illness, there is no indication that she’s dying.

Friends star Matthew Perry is also, allegedly, at risk this year after he gained several pounds.

A source said that following his split from Molly Hurwitz, the actor spiraled out of control and he also ate nonstop.

An unnamed doctor said that Perry can still recover since he and Hurwitz already got back together. But he also needs to start making better life choices.

The tabloid also claimed that Johnny Depp is at risk of dying this year because he doesn’t bounce back from benders like he used to.

Since the Pirates of the Caribbean star is a chain smoker, the source said that Depp has a wheezing cough.

The actor is also, allegedly, bloated and his stress levels are off the charts.

“He could be dead is six months,” the tabloid claimed.

However, it is important to note that no one can predict what will happen to the queen and some celebrities this year.