Katie Holmes is in love once again after she parted ways with actor Jamie Foxx. The actress is dating a celebrity chef called Emilio Vitolo Jr., but there have been a string of rumors about their relationship status. 

Although the couple, reportedly, met last year, they started dating publicly in September this year. Since then, there have been so many false speculations about the duo.

For instance, there was a report on how the Batman Begins actress wanted to live in with her new beau, but the chef was not ready for it yet. It also claimed that the restaurateur was a philanderer. However, the report came out as bogus. 

Another piece insisted that the Dawson’s Creek actress was expecting a baby with her new boyfriend. It seems the actress did not leave any stones unturned to become pregnant for the second time around.

 It was even claimed that the actress touched her belly a lot on one occasion when she was in Central Park, which proved her pregnancy. The logic was ridiculous, and it was silly to claim she was pregnant just because she touched her tummy. 

However, her baby rumors simply refused to die as another magazine also purported that she wanted to have Vitolo Jr.’s baby. The report even went a step ahead and insisted that the pair were discussing baby names and planning to design a nursery. 

If readers thought that was all, they should think again. A magazine then suggested that all’s not well in paradise. It seems the Dawson’s Creek alum and the restaurateur had their first big argument. 

The cause of the argument was, reportedly, related to the actress’s diet. It seems the chef took hours to prepare a sauce, but Katie Holmes did not even bother tasting it. However, even this reason to fight seems to be a bit too far-fetched, according to Gossip Cop

The actress and her beau are madly in love as they made their relationship official on Instagram recently. The chef paid a touching tribute on her birthday this December. He even called her an “amazing” human being and declared his love for her, according to Us Weekly

Holmes responded to his touching post by proclaiming her love for him as well. They made their relationship official on the photo-sharing app after dating for around four months. 

In other news, Holmes took to her Instagram handle to post a picture of New York City immersed in snow, and fans simply loved the shot. A follower wrote that it was beginning to look like Christmas, while another follower felt snow and Christmas is a perfect combo.

Only time can tell whether Katie Holmes’ relationship with Emilio Vitolo Jr. will go to the next level or not. However, as of date, the duo appears to be inseparable from one another.