Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a very trying year amid all the controversies that they received.

But according to royal author Katie Nicholl, it’s still a generally good year for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

While speaking with Closer UK, Nicholl said that Prince Harry and Markle managed to do what they wanted to do. And they also became more successful now that they are no longer considered as working royals.

“Meghan and Harry are Hollywood’s brightest couple. They are the biggest celebrities over there, and they’ve got the royal card, which is in a sphere of its own,” she said.

According to Nicholl, Prince Harry and Markle have also forged success since leaving the royal fold, and it’s a huge achievement on their part.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continued to work. And they were also blessed with more time to spend with their son, Archie.

At the end of the year, Nicholl is predicting that the couple will give off a sigh of relief and say that they’ve done it.

The royal author also said that Prince Harry and Markle will continue to become successful financially in 2021.

After signing multi-year deals with Netflix and Spotify, Nicholl pointed out that Prince Harry and Markle are set to rake in multi-million pounds. As such, there is no denying the fact that the couple will be receiving a fortune.

This year was all about planning for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And 2021 will be all about executing their plans.

Meanwhile, Nicholl is also predicting that Prince Harry and Markle will welcome new addition to their family this year.

She said that everyone hopes Markle will become pregnant in the new year after she revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in July.

Nicholl added that there’s hope for Prince Harry and Markle to reunite with the royal family this year once it’s safe for them to travel.

After all, Queen Elizabeth will be turning 95 this year. Prince Philip will also be turning 100. And Prince Harry hasn’t seen his dad, Prince Charles in so long.

Nicholl also said that the public will see a more confident and assertive Markle in the new year.

After all, she’s been on her turf in Los Angeles for almost a year. And this is where she will continue to thrive.