Princess Beatrice has, allegedly, been banned from seeing Princess Eugenie’s baby girl.

New Idea published the misleading headline about the royal siblings this week.

They claimed that Princess Beatrice cannot see her sister’s baby. And the tabloid also claimed that Princess Eugenie is pregnant with a baby girl.

However, the tabloid’s article is about the ongoing restrictions in the United Kingdom.

And with this, Princess Beatrice might not be able to meet her niece or nephew at the hospital after its birth.

However, this doesn’t mean that Princess Beatrice can never meet Princess Eugenie’s baby.

As of late, there is also no confirmation with regards to the gender of Princess Eugenie’s child.

So, it’s obvious that the tabloid is just concocting lies about the siblings.

New Idea is known for publishing fake claims about the royal family.

Just last week, they claimed that Meghan Markle is on the run. The tabloid even published a photo of Markle standing behind her car door to make it seem as though she really fled.

A source for the tabloid claimed that Markle walked out on Prince Harry after they had a massive argument.

The couple is, allegedly, having problems with their desire to be financially independent.

“Meghan’s been forging ahead with all sorts of money-making plans and barely consults her own PR team, let alone her husband, who has to weather the storm of public controversy and private consternation from his family every time she goes public with one of her schemes,” the source said.

Also, this month, New Idea claimed that Prince Harry checked himself into a rehab facility.

Once again, the tabloid published a photo of the Duke of Sussex on the cover of their magazine. And it seems as though he’s carrying loads of stuff while checking himself into a rehab facility.

But if Prince Harry really checked himself at a rehab facility, more reputable sources would’ve already reported on it.

Prince Harry would’ve also addressed his decision to get treatment.

But since no other reports were published about Prince Harry’s alleged rehab stint, it’s obvious that the tabloid just made up yet another lie about the royal.

Weeks ago, the tabloid also claimed that Markle and Kate Middleton finally ended their two-year feud.

The Duchess of Cambridge, allegedly, apologized to Markle and showed her sympathy after learning that the Duchess of Sussex suffered a miscarriage in July.