His most recent James Bond flick, No Time to Die, is slated to release in the coming year, and Daniel Craig has been as fit as always. Here is what the British actor does to be in top shape to fulfill the demands of his roles.

Craig has been seen in the role of the beloved spy character James Bond for over 10 years now. Yet, the actor has never been complacent as far as taking care of his health is concerned. The 52-year-old actor follows a special diet so that he can be in proper shape for the film’s shooting. 

The actor started preparing for No Time to Die for quite some time. He is a fitness freak and left no stones unturned to achieve that perfect build required for the character. Simon Waterson, a renowned personal trainer, revealed how the actor achieved that special look for the film while interacting with GQ UK

The actor had to undergo several tough workout sessions, and so he focused on his nutrition as well. Once the shooting for the movie started, the actor and the trainer would be engaged in stretching for around 30 to 40 minutes 

Meanwhile, Waterson would guide the chef to prepare the actor’s breakfast even before he arrived on set. His breakfast would include rye bread with kimchi and avocado and poached eggs. Craig would also drink turmeric root juice along with his morning breakfast and some black coffee. 

It is unbelievable but true that Daniel Craig’s actual workday started after having his breakfast. He underwent grueling physical sessions that went on for several hours and included car chases, fight scenes, and sprints, according to Men’s Journal

Not many are aware the British actor did several retakes of the same action scene that would tire off anyone except for him. At times these sessions were so taxing that he even hurt himself while doing them. 

For instance, although his trainer told him not to push himself too much, he did not stop working out though his ankle was injured, according to Gossip Cop

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No Time To Die is slated to release on Apr.2, 2021, and the actor will be seen in the role of James Bond for the last time. Oscar Award-winner Rami Malek will be Daniel Craig’s co-star in the film.