Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi almost got divorced during the coronavirus pandemic.

In its Jan. 2 issue, Heat UK claimed that it’s no secret that DeGeneres and de Rossi’s marriage hasn’t been working out for so long.

A source said that the couple nearly split a number of times during their 12-year-marriage. And the ongoing pandemic has also taken a toll on their relationship.

Luckily, DeGeneres and de Rossi are on the same when it comes to fixing their issues.

And now that their relationship has miraculously improved, the couple is, allegedly, talking about renewing their vows on the beach.

DeGeneres was also touched when de Rossi stayed by her side after she was accused of being a mean girl last summer.

“Portia really stuck up for Ellen earlier this year, and Ellen knows she couldn’t have got through that mess without her support,” the source said.

Meanwhile, before the couple fixed their issues, the source said that the Ally McBeal star once again felt underappreciated while DeGeneres was busy trying to repair her image.

When de Rossi called DeGeneres out, the comedian immediately apologized for not giving her wife the time and attention that she deserves.

Now, DeGeneres and de Rossi are looking at their marriage from an entirely new perspective because neither of them wants to get a divorce.

This isn’t the first time that DeGeneres and de Rossi have been rumored to be renewing their vows.

Last week, Globe claimed that the Ellen Show host has been bribing de Rossi with money and expensive gifts so that she won’t leave her.

DeGeneres, allegedly, asked de Rossi if she wants to renew their vows. And the comedian told her wife that she can spend as much as she wants on the wedding. This way, de Rossi wouldn’t say no to DeGeneres’ proposal.

A source told the tabloid that de Rossi is a girly-girl who loves to have a beautiful wedding and a lot of guests so she’s on board with what DeGeneres wants.

Days later, New Idea claimed that DeGeneres no longer takes her wife for granted.

After enduring a tough year, the comedian realized that she needs to change.

And after she did, she and her wife started having more fun with each other.

DeGeneres has also vowed to never take her home life with de Rossi for granted. As such, it feels like they just got married because of how happy they are.