BTS Suga recently appeared, where he opened up about his shoulder operation and the recovery process. The K-pop idol held a V Live broadcast to announce the vast news of his return, delighting ARMYs with good information on Dec. 28 (Monday).

BTS Suga will resume activities with the band

Agust D, best known as Suga, will be joining his fellow band members RM, J-hope, V, Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook at the forthcoming 2021 New Year’s Eve Live concert. The concert will be gracing performance from Big Hit Labels’ artists, but will only let Suga perform moderately.

Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’s home management, and recording label stated that Suga’s doctors already allowed the rapper to return to his activities as a BTS member, including performing with the group. However, professional doctors advised Suga not yet to perform aggressive choreographies.

That said, the entertainment agency will only allow performances of the band with Suga that suits his current physical capabilities. It is the agency’s utmost priority to put Suga’s and all artists’ safety and health while on stage.

BTS Suga gives updates on his current condition

The first week of November was when the Daechwita singer temporarily severed his ties with BTS for his shoulder operation. He then underwent successful surgery, although his activities with the band were set aside.

Suga’s fellow band members have been providing updates on his condition since he was gone, but to everyone’s shock, Suga hottest a V Live to provide updates himself.

According to Pinkvilla’s findings on Suga’s live broadcast, the rapper revealed that he still longer cannot use his left arms. That said, he is still unable to hold things properly with the hand.

To date, his band members know his current condition, of which Jimin called him after the surgery for a rain check.

While on broadcast, V came to check on Suga, or as per the rapper, to flaunt his biceps. The Snow Flower singe then asked Suga about his arms and also asked him to feel them.

“I’m continuing to receive rehabilitation treatment. I’m doing various exercises that are within my range of motion. Although it’s getting better, it’s a slow process,” Suga said. Although doing his regular treatments, Suga shared he sometimes feels impatient towards his full recovery, but he shows consistent progress on top of all.

Meanwhile, fans anticipate Suga’s return at the upcoming New Year’s Eve concert by Big Hit Labels. Stay tuned!